Ce topic appartient à l'appel HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022
Identifiant du topic: HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022-STREAM-CSA-01

SNS operational CSA

Type d'action : HORIZON JU Coordination and Support Actions
Nombre d'étapes : Single stage
Date d'ouverture : 18 janvier 2022
Date de clôture : 26 avril 2022 17:00
Budget : €3 000 000
Call : HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022
Call Identifier : HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022
Description :


The following expected outcomes should be addressed:

  • Development of the Europe wide platform addressing the Communication Network Technologies and systems in the context of 6G global developments.
  • Support for the identification of strategic R&I orientations including at global level, the coordination of R&I results/initiatives at EU scale including Member State level initiatives, the dissemination and web presence, the organisation of Europe's contribution to standards, and the identification of international cooperation priorities across key regions.
  • Support for the Smart Networks Services (SNS) institutionalised European partnership and the related programmatic organisation through cross SNS projects coordination.
  • Organisation of the SNS as a coherent programme with clear links to the 6G Infrastructure Association and the EC via the partnership board and the JU Office and their strategic policies.
  • Generation, publication, and promotion of common technical papers showing the work and consensus of the SNS projects.
  • Maximised output and exploitation of SNS project results in key domains (e.g., standardisation, spectrum) through managed cooperation between projects on horizontal issues.
  • Constituency building, stakeholder support, support to key international cooperation events; dissemination, support core inter-project cooperation activities, relevant stakeholder events; definition of future R&I actions.
  • Inter JU coordination and joint actions
  • Periodic update of the SNS SRIA
  • Production of a yearly achievements report
  • Continual improvement process based on regular assessments of SNS KPIs and strategic actions via future workplans to improve the achievement of the SNS goals
  • A close working relationship with the SNS External Cooperation and Global 6G Events CSA
  • A strong cooperation with the operational process of the private Member of the JU, notably in support of R&I, events and stakeholder management at large.


The prime objective of the coordination and support work is to facilitate the activities of the European SNS Initiative, as outlined in the SNS contractual partnership, expanding first phase activities, and preparing for subsequent phases.

In addition to this, the CSA project has a second prime objective to capture and promote the European view on 6G, the achievements of the 6G SNS and monitor the development and impact of these results on the evolution of 6G in Europe over the period of life of the 6G SNS initiative. This work will also look to the future and consider what additional actions are necessary to maintain the European momentum and leadership in 6G and facilitate the uptake of 6G by the European vertical sectors.

During the planned 6G SNS initiative period a lot of the 6G developments, global 6G regulations and integration of 6G into sectorial business models and processes, need to be studied and stimulated to enable the full potential of 6G networks, services, and devices in Europe. A key activity will be to support international collaboration SNS CSA in promoting the 6G SNS initiative views across the wider community of 6G SNS stakeholders, from national authorities, European member states initiatives, peer initiatives (ESA, Eureka, etc.), European standards communities and the Global 6G discussion to ensure European leadership in the area. A very tight cooperation with the JU public and private members is expected

For further information about the strategic role of the CSAs in SNS, please refer to the Work Programme, available under ‘Topic Conditions and Documents – Additional Documents’.


The proposed CSA shall liaise with the SNS RIA and IA actions under Streams A to D and the JU Office to exploit synergies for:

  • Stakeholder management towards R&I orientation and SNS cross-project coordination and cooperation (implementation of the cross-project cooperation contractual clause);
  • Europe wide cartography of relevant Smart Network initiatives and identification of strategic cooperation opportunities, in particular with initiatives at Member State level
  • Design upgrades and perform maintenance on the European SNS web site and program infrastructure (web sites, mail systems, repositories, etc.).
  • Working group management and organisation for issues of common interest, supporting a common EU 6G vision and its technological realisation.
  • Monitor and communicate with related European member state initiatives.
  • Monitor and communicate with peer JU Partnerships (e.g., HPC, KDT, AI, Data and Robotics, Photonics Europe, CCAM).
  • Organization, management and support of Impact Assessment and Facilitation Actions (IAFA) as described in the SNS Partnership Proposal.