Ce topic appartient à l'appel HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022
Identifiant du topic: HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022-STREAM-CSA-02

SNS External Cooperation and Global 6G Events (G6GE)

Type d'action : HORIZON JU Coordination and Support Actions
Nombre d'étapes : Single stage
Date d'ouverture : 18 janvier 2022
Date de clôture : 26 avril 2022 17:00
Budget : €2 000 000
Call : HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022
Call Identifier : HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022
Description :


The following expected outcomes should be addressed:

On activities within Europe:

  • Constituency building, stakeholder support, support to key international cooperation events; dissemination, support to core international cooperation activities, to relevant stakeholder events; definition of future R&I actions.
  • Established dialogues with Peer Partnerships (e.g., HPC, KDT, AI, Data and Robotics, Photonics Europe, etc.) and Associations (e.g., 5GAA, 5GACIA, ECH Alliance, ERTICO, ECSO etc.) and organization of dedicated workshops to ensure relevance and synergies in both directions
  • Increasing the active engagement of diverse vertical sectors in order to better integrate their individual requirements
  • Establishment of a continuous dialogue among the key actors taking part in Horizon Europe programme and those in the other regions programmes to reinforce collaboration and increase synergies.

On global activities:

  • Creation of a global 6G ecosystem engaging relevant initiatives and key actors from EU and the other regions/countries, collaborating on the evolution of 6G.
  • Reinforcement of strategic partnerships between EU and the other regions/countries for the definition of joint R&I actions in 6G areas of mutual interest through roadmapping.
  • Development of 6G synergies with other Countries and Regions, incl. Japan, China, South-Korea, United States, Brazil, India, Taiwan, Russia, leveraging 5G Infrastructure PPP Global 5G Events (G5GE) experience.
  • Preparation of interoperability and roaming between Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Identification of specific local use-cases not usual in Europe that could have an impact on the network, including developing countries.
  • A mapping of the European 6G KPI to the 6G indicators of the other global regions.
  • A high level of European participation in the Global 6G events


  • Organization of workshops and other support activities to facilitate the coordination of research and innovation initiatives, and to promote collaboration between the research groups.
  • A close working relationship with the SNS coordination and support CSA
  • A strong cooperation with the operational process of the private Member of the JU, notably in support of R&I, events and stakeholder management at large having an international dimension


The International Cooperation and Global Events CSA has the prime objective to present leverage and position the activities and achievements of the European SNS Initiative, as outlined in the SNS contractual partnership, in the major European forums and in the global context.

This work will also maintain dialogues on key strategic issues with the peer communities globally to facilitate consensus building on issues such as spectrum allocation, global 6G regulations, etc., with a view to ensuring recognition of the value and quality of the European 6G solutions.

A strategic aspect of the external relationships is to cooperate with projects outside of the 6G SNS Initiative, on the use and uptake of the 6G SNS network architecture(s) and interfaces. This involves supporting many relationships to national programmes, EUREKA Clusters (in particular the Celtic-Plus Cluster), Peer Partnerships (e.g., HPC, KDT, AI, Data and Robotics, Photonics Europe, CCAM, etc.) and Associations (e.g., 5GAA, 5GACIA, etc.) and other objectives in the HEU as possible.

International liaison and discussions are a critical part of positioning the European 6G SNS initiative on the global stage. It is essential that the 6G SNS JU results are available, and the achievements can be peer reviewed by other regions and initiatives to ensure that they are respected and used for consensus building as a precursor to international standardisation.

A further dimension of the 6G SNS liaison work will be the promotion and representation of the 6G SNS work in global fora. This will involve seeding project presentations at international fora and, in selected cases, orchestrating demonstrations at intercontinental meetings. The 6G SNS will be expected, in turn, to host some of these international meetings.

In all cases the 6G SNS results should be accessible and available to be promoted. Moreover, the CSA should strive to see that they can adopted in an uncomplicated way.

For further information about the strategic role of the CSAs in SNS, please refer to the Work Programme, available under ‘Topic Conditions and Documents – Additional Documents’.


The proposed CSA shall liaise with the SNS RIA and IA actions under Streams A to D and the JU Office to exploit synergies for:

  • Creation and implementation of a strategic promotion program for the European 6G SNS Initiative
  • Promoting the 6G SNS initiative views to assert European leadership in the area across the wider community of 6G SNS stakeholders including:
    • National & Regional authorities,
    • Peer research initiatives (ESA, Eureka, etc.),
    • Peer Industrial Associations (e.g., 5GAA, 5GACIA, ECH Alliance, ERTICO, ECSO etc.),
    • The Smart Connectivity DIH Network (SCoDIHNet)
    • European and Global standards communities and
    • Global 6G discussions.
  • International cooperation support with key third countries. It includes identification of international cooperation strategies with clear benefits to EU industrial stakeholders.
  • Support the organisation of key conferences and dissemination events and in particular events launched by the MoU agreements between the Global regional organisations.