Ce topic appartient à l'appel MSCA for Researchers at Risk 2024
Identifiant du topic: HORIZON-MSCA-2024-RR-01-01

MSCA Researchers at Risk 2024

Type d'action : HORIZON Coordination and Support Actions
Nombre d'étapes : Single stage
Date d'ouverture : 12 septembre 2024
Date de clôture : 14 janvier 2025 17:00
Budget : €1 500 000
Call : MSCA for Researchers at Risk 2024
Call Identifier : HORIZON-MSCA-2024-RR-01
Description :


Project results are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • A more consistent and sustained level of coordination and preparedness for supporting researchers at risk at European, national and institutional level;
  • Improved support to researchers at risk through the provision of policy recommendations, as well as advice and assistance on their implementation;
  • A more sustainable and professionalised support network/structure/system for researchers at risk across Europe, facilitating access to funding and networking opportunities, creating level playing field for applicants to European and national R&I programmes, and raising the quality of submitted proposals;
  • More synergies between initiatives supporting researchers at risk funded by EU programmes (such as Horizon Europe and Erasmus+) and national or institutional actors;
  • Increased exposure of researchers at risk to the industry and to the non-academic sector;
  • Greater awareness in Europe and beyond on why researchers are at risk and ways to support them.


To build on the available results of past and on-going Researchers at Risk initiatives[1] further support is envisaged towards national and international organisations working with researchers at risk and aiming to enhance and professionalise their activities. It should further facilitate and strengthen cooperation and linkages between European, national and institutional initiatives and programmes, increasing awareness on why researchers are at risk, as well as identifying and delivering the best possible solutions to the challenges these researchers are confronted with.

The support action should be aligned with the general objectives of the MSCA, in particular scientific excellence, skills and career development, inter-sectoral mobility, equal opportunities and inclusiveness, attractive working conditions, work/life balance, while fostering open science, innovation and entrepreneurship. It should not duplicate other actions foreseen under Horizon Europe or other EU-funded programmes such as Erasmus+, but rather build synergies between these programmes. The activities carried out under this support action should complement actions in Member States and third countries associated to Horizon Europe.

The expected duration of the action is 36 months.

[1]Eg. Inspireurope (Inspireurope - SAR Europe) ; Inspireurope+ ; MSCA4Ukraine