Ce topic appartient à l'appel Disaster-Resilient Society 2023
Identifiant du topic: HORIZON-CL3-2023-DRS-01-06

Increased technology solutions, institutional coordination and decision-support systems for first responders of last-kilometer emergency service delivery

Type d'action : HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions
Nombre d'étapes : Single stage
Date d'ouverture : 29 juin 2023
Date de clôture : 23 novembre 2023 17:00
Budget : €3 500 000
Call : Disaster-Resilient Society 2023
Call Identifier : HORIZON-CL3-2023-DRS-01
Description :


Projects’ results are expected to contribute to some or all of the following outcomes:

  • Identification and evaluation of existing technologies supporting first and second responders in their immediate response to natural disasters (e.g. drones, AI, sensors), highlighting their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Testing and implementation of most promising user-centred technologies in real-world conditions;
  • Innovative technology solutions to improve searching operations in smoky environments in the case of wildfires.


Supplying relief items to various demand spots in disaster-prone areas is a critical task due to last-kilometer logistics problems that hamper the process of and efficient transportation of first responders and their equipment. Blocked roads, heavy terrain and bad weather conditions are factors that are faced by first and second responders (e.g. fire brigade, emergency medical services) in the immediate response to disasters. Innovative technologies (e.g. drones, AI, sensors etc.) are considered to support emergency workers in overcoming the aforementioned challenges related to relief items delivery and can provide ability to obtain critical information remotely about the extent, perimeter, or interior of the incident as well as conduct on-scene operations remotely without endangering responders. For example, technology solutions for navigation in smoky environments in the case of wildfires can potentially increase the efficiency of search operations by fire fighters.