Ce topic appartient à l'appel EIC Accelerator 2023

EIC Accelerator Challenge: Novel technologies for resilient agriculture

Type d'action : HORIZON EIC Accelerator Blended Finance
Nombre d'étapes : Multiple
Date d'ouverture : 08 décembre 2022
Date de clôture :
11 janvier 2023 17:00
22 mars 2023 17:00
21 juin 2023 17:00
08 novembre 2023 17:00
Budget : €1 135 239 839
Call : EIC Accelerator 2023
Call Identifier : HORIZON-EIC-2023-ACCELERATOR-01
Description :


In support of the EU Soil Mission and the EU Green Deal, Farm to Fork strategy, Fit for 55 and REPowerEU policy actions, the key goal of this Challenge is to develop solutions contributing to the development of a sustainable agricultural and food production system resilient to environmental and social disruptions. To achieve progress in this area a new generation of technologies, equipment and materials (such as but not limited to soil tillage, crop protection and harvesting machinery and equipment) is needed, based on principles of regenerative agriculture and supported by Industry 4.0 technologies and in line with the core principles of Industry 5.0, human-centricity, sustainability, and resilience.

The proposals should include groundbreaking innovations that will lead to a radical transformation beyond the state-of-the-art of the current fertilisation, crop protection, irrigation and soil management practices. From a food system point of view, they will take into account strategies for climate adaptation, and a life cycle approach. Consideration should be also given to possible effects of such innovations on the food supply chain. From an environment point of view it is expected they will help to ensure healthier and richer biodiversity and more resilient ecosystems.

If intervening in the food processing stage, applicants are encouraged to pay attention to reducing/replacing food additives with bio-preservation techniques and fast scalability of production.

Solutions should be easy to scale up and/or replicated in different environmental conditions.

The specific objectives of this Challenge are:

  • Development and scaleup of interdisciplinary solutions for regenerative agriculture and soil health in the areas of
    • Sustainable fertilisation;
    • Crop protection under principles of Integrated Pest Management with a focus on mechanical/physical and biological measures;
    • Irrigation
    • Soil management, protection and restoration;
    • Crop and livestock management
  • Novel processes, materials, equipment, management practises and microorganisms adapted to harsh environments, climate adaptation needs and resource scarcity, including diversification of crops, mixed farming systems, interseasonal cropping and technologies to increase crops adaptation to climate changes.

This Challenge aims to improve the resilience of the European food supply chain and security, notably by improving agricultural productivity and fostering environmentally sustainable technologies, all while regenerating and increasing soil health and ecosystem services. By aiming to valorise crop residues, this Challenge also aims to contribute to better carbon and nitrogen management practices, to mitigation of

climate change and environmental challenges including biodiversity loss and pollution.

In doing so, the results arising from this Challenge will foster the EU technological autonomy and leadership via focused support of innovations in the areas of sustainable and resilient agricultural production, food security, biodiversity and environmental protection.

For further information, please see the EIC Work Programme 2023.