Ce topic appartient à l'appel EIC Accelerator 2023

EIC Accelerator Challenge: Energy storage

Type d'action : HORIZON EIC Accelerator Blended Finance
Nombre d'étapes : Multiple
Date d'ouverture : 08 décembre 2022
Date de clôture :
11 janvier 2023 17:00
22 mars 2023 17:00
21 juin 2023 17:00
08 novembre 2023 17:00
Budget : €1 135 239 839
Call : EIC Accelerator 2023
Call Identifier : HORIZON-EIC-2023-ACCELERATOR-01
Description :


This Challenge targets groundbreaking innovations in any field of technology that have a high potential to meet the following objectives:

  • to store electric and/or thermal energy at low cost, high density, high charging/discharging efficiency and enhanced durability.
  • to design technological approaches (chemical, electrical, electrochemical, mechanical, thermal) for energy storage at different scales (centralised at large industrial facilities premises or distributed and at small scale level – mobile electronics), duration (short – millisecond to day, medium – days to month and long term – months to seasons) and uses (from stationary to mobile).
  • to develop technologies that, without using critical raw materials or ensuring the maximisation of their recycle/reuse, minimise their carbon footprint measured through a life-cycle analysis (including cost and social impact evaluation). The integration of technologies in products and services shall embrace circular and life cycle thinking approach, and support the transition to a circular economy.

The proposed technologies could also address the smart operation and control of storage assets, their integration with demand response strategies, predictive maintenance, load forecasting and decentralised renewable energy technologies, and novel business models (i.e. storage as a service) to increase energy systems flexibility and facilitate the integration of energy storage.

The possibility to store electrical or thermal energy at low cost, high density, high charging/discharging efficiency and for different duration (from short to long) will:

  • enable a strong penetration of intermittent renewable energy resources by addressing the spatial and temporal mismatches between generation and demand,
  • set up decarbonised, interconnected, sector-coupled and flexible energy systems.
  • Increase Europe's energy independence from unreliable suppliers.

For further information, please see the EIC Work Programme 2023.