Ce topic appartient à l'appel EIC Accelerator 2023

EIC Accelerator Challenge: Aerosol and surface decontamination for pandemic management

Type d'action : HORIZON EIC Accelerator Blended Finance
Nombre d'étapes : Multiple
Date d'ouverture : 08 décembre 2022
Date de clôture :
11 janvier 2023 17:00
22 mars 2023 17:00
21 juin 2023 17:00
08 novembre 2023 17:00
Budget : €1 135 239 839
Call : EIC Accelerator 2023
Call Identifier : HORIZON-EIC-2023-ACCELERATOR-01
Description :


This Challenge calls for proposals by SMEs with technologies, backed by scientific evidence, supporting normal social interaction, devoid of social distancing, in the presence of air- or surface-borne pathogens. In doing so, this Challenge aims to strengthen EU’s industry preparedness and competitiveness in the area of pandemic safety technologies.

The proposals should target the development and commercialisation of technological solutions facilitating social interaction in the context of pandemic emergencies, by means of one or more of the three following approaches:

  • Full systems for high-efficiency aerosol capture, pathogen deactivation and air circulation management in closed-environments (e.g., office space, in-flight, retail stores, etc.), including advanced air-filtering architectures and dynamic air circulation optimisation.
  • Next-generation face mask technologies with smart filtration materials to exceed N95 performance at low airflow resistance, with improved retention/rejection of sub-micron particles.
  • Rapid surface decontamination devices beyond state-of-the-art UV-C irradiation systems and biocidal agent dispersion.

Where advantageous, pathogen profiling sensors and sub-systems could be integrated with air renewal systems, face masks or surface decontamination devices to provide quasi- real-time information on pathogen presence for rapid decision making and/or autonomous optimisation of air circulation.

The proposals should provide preliminary evidence demonstrating that social distancing can be avoided or substantially reduced, under realistic pathogen infectivity assumptions, with the targeted technologies.

By reducing the need for social distancing in the event of infectious pandemics, this Challenge will empower society at large to sustain unaltered economic and social dynamics in the event of pandemic outbreaks.

For further information, please see the EIC Work Programme 2023.