Publié le 16.03.2022

Opportunités de développement de l'application spatiale européenne en aval

Appels 2022 Horizon Europe - EUSPA

Le deuxième appel Horizon Europe devrait être ouvert aux soumissions en octobre 2022 avec une date limite en février 2023 et un budget global de 48,1 millions d'euros. Il sera orienté sur le développement d'applications spatiales innovantes en aval.
Six sujets seront proposés.
EGNSS applications for Smart mobility IA

The action focuses on the development of close-to-market EGNSS transport applications and mobility services through the realisation of large-scale demonstration and implementation projects, indicating the necessary scale-up needs to wide adoption in Europe and worldwide and associated standards and certification.

Applications in aviation, maritime, rail, road transport areas will be considered, as well as multi-mode approaches.

Public sector as Galileo and/or Copernicus user PCP

The topic is dedicated to public administration entities to procure research and experimental development that exploits space data and services (e.g. Galileo and/or Copernicus) and that meets their needs.

In addition, the proposals should build on the procurement needs of the participating organizations, supporting the EGNSS, Galileo and/or Copernicus market take-up across Europe and demonstrating the sustainability of solutions beyond the lifespan of the proposed project.

Copernicus downstream applications and the European Data Economy IA

The action aims to support the adoption of Copernicus and state-of-the-art ICT technologies (e.g. Big Data and AI), and make use of existing European data infrastructures, such as Copernicus DIAS platforms, European open data portals, and industrial data platforms.

The topic will contribute to the digitization challenges of the European industry fostering the integration and uptake of Copernicus into the economy and opening up innovative business opportunities, supporting societal challenges. 

Large-scale Copernicus data uptake with AI and HPC RIA

The action aims to facilitate the Copernicus data uptake and commercial exploitation by fostering the collaboration of ICT actors, both from industry and academia, with the earth observation/space stakeholders and Copernicus users.

It also creates a significant opportunity to innovate by inter-linking data infrastructures, exploiting the AI/HPC paradigm, while responding effectively to user needs.

Designing space-based downstream applications with international partners RIA

The action focuses on technical developments of EU-space based applications/solutions, dissemination, awareness-raising, as well as provide opportunities for the creation of business-oriented partnerships of European industry with international partners.

By doing so the action aims to achieve a critical mass of space based-application success stories, demonstrating the advantages and differentiators of EU space-based solutions and services and making it an attractive option for public authorities, private industries and private investors in Europe and elsewhere.

GOVSATCOM Service developments and demonstrations RIA The action supports the consolidation of integrated use cases and demonstration of EU GOVSATCOM service interoperability in a real user environment, addressing service developments in support to all High-Level User Needs, including direct involvement of users and with emphasis on civilian users and interoperability of services.

Information utile : Taux de financement

  • RIA (Research and Innovation Actions) = 100 %
  • IA (Innovation Actions) = 70 %, sauf pour les personnes morales sans but lucratif, où un taux de 100 % s'applique.
  • PCP (Pre-commercial Procurement)* = 100 % 

(*) achats publics avant commercialisation