Ce topic appartient à l'appel Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply
Identifiant du topic: HORIZON-CL5-2024-D3-01-09

Africa-EU CO-FUND action

Type d'action : HORIZON Programme Cofund Actions
Nombre d'étapes : Single stage
Date d'ouverture : 12 septembre 2023
Date de clôture : 16 janvier 2024 17:00
Budget : €10 000 000
Call : Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply
Call Identifier : HORIZON-CL5-2024-D3-01
Description :


Project results are expected to contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:

  • Strengthening of the joint EU-AU Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Collaborative Partnership efforts, with emphasis on improving the visibility of EU Science Diplomacy actions in Africa.
  • Acceleration of the achievements of the African continent’s targets of the Paris Agreement.
  • Establishing technologies for a sustainable energy system that meets the needs of different parts of society, in different geographical locations (urban and rural) and different economic sectors.


Following the EU commitments under the Paris Agreement, Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development and the post-Cotonou Agreement, the renewed objective to evolve current forms of cooperation into equal footing partnership between Africa and Europe, the current research and innovation cooperation between Europe and Africa in the field of renewable energy needs to be further strengthened and developed.

The action should contribute to the implementation of the strategic and joint research and innovation action roadmaps[1]1] implemented under Pilar 1 of the project LEAP-RE, www.leap-re.eu. The range of activities supported are expected to address the broad range of elements and technologies identified in LEAP-RE, in particular its six multi-annual roadmaps and should include a well-balanced set of research projects, demonstration projects, and technology transfer projects. Inclusiveness of a broad range of MSs/ACs and African partners will be considered an asset.

The proposal should envisage clustering activities with other relevant on-going EU-funded projects for cross-projects co-operation, consultations and joint activities on cross-cutting issues. Synergy is also to be considered with the projects to be funded by the end of 2022 through the Joint Undertaking Clean Hydrogen topic HORIZON-JTI-CLEANH2-2022-05-05? “Research & Innovation co-operation with Africa on hydrogen”. To this end, proposals should provide for a work package and/or task dedicated to clustering activities and earmark the appropriate resources accordingly. The clustering activities should also consider and implement a joint programme of activities focussed on communication (participation in joint meetings and communication events), dissemination and exploitation.

It is expected that the action will organise joint calls on an annual basis and will consider ample time for the implementation and closure of the co-funded projects.

The proposal should also provide support to the operation of the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy collaborative action of the AU-EU High Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation.

[1]The roadmaps are available here www.leap-re.eu/pillar-1/